Delicious introduced some new features in the categories of bookmark display options, tag options and bookmark browsing.

A bookmark display option was combined in one spot to right of the tagbar and underneath the bookmark count. The new features include a privacy filter, a send recipients options and an “open bookmarks in” option. This will allow users to filter bookmarks by “only private” or “only public.”

Delicious moved the tag options out of the blue action box and into the sidebar where the tags are actually listed. The feature is the same, just in a different spot.

The new feature, “Browse these bookmarks” is in the form of a link in the action box that will allow users to open the first bookmark and display a small frame on the top of the page, where they can paginate through the bookmarks.

“We’re still working on the feature and more functionality will be added over the coming months, but based on how useful we’ve found it, we wanted to give you a chance to start using it sooner rather than later,” says Simon on the Delicious blog. “We’d love to get your feedback on this feature and suggestions for other features. We know what we want to add to it, but your responses will help us gauge what we should work on adding next.”