You watch the movie, “The Patriot”. You see both sides standing in lines. Taking turns shooting each other. Fighting like gentlemen.
And you think to yourself, “What a bunch of morons!”
Warfare has evolved since then. Once our enemies learned that their own defense systems were no match for the biggest militaristic country of all time, they resorted to human shields and suicide bombing. It’s barbaric. And it’s brilliant. So, what’s next in the evolution of warfare? Many people believe it will be cyber warfare.
Data breaches against big commercial entities are terribly common nowadays. There are thousands of simply brilliant computer hackers, who we have just recently seen, have the technical prowess to break into the CIA with ease. These individuals can hide under anonymity. There is no real hierarchy. No leader. So, what do you do with that? How do you defend yourself? Same thing we did with suicide bombers….which is… not figure it out quite yet.