Optimizing your titles for the best Google search results has always been a topic of conversation. Everyone is always trying to keep up with the latest trends and algorithm changes.
Google’s Matt Cutts, always has helpful tips for advertisers and in one of his most recent posts has once again given some very good advise to help increase page title optimization on Google’s search results.
A Titles Purpose
The purpose to a title is to show in the search results a concise description of the page that is also relevant to the search query. There are a few specific criteria that Google looks for:
1. A relatively short name
2. A good description
3. It’s relevant to the search query
This means if your HTML page fits those criteria, then it is a good possibility that your page will be displayed. But, if your current title does not match those criteria then often items Google will use the content on your page to dig a little deeper. They might also look at the links that point to your page as well. It is always important to keep in mind that every case is different and Google is looking for the best title that will help a user. If you want to try to control your title it is important to anticipate what a user is going to type and make sure your titles reflects not only the search query but also try to give context so the user knows what they are clicking on.
Google always offers tips for improving online search results and one way it does this is my providing detailed information in there help center. Here they tell us that each page on your site has a specific title and to keep descriptions short and concise within the allotted amount of characters. It is not a good practice to keyword stuff, repeat information or to be too broad.
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By Alisha Lowans