Someone made a joke the other day that now would be a perfect time to go rent every movie Blockbuster has and never return it. Netflix, with their video streaming, has officially killed Blockbuster. So, who’s their next competition? Well, traditional video stores still have one big advantage. They get new releases a month earlier than either Netflix or Redbox. That’s a big advantage, but apparently not enough of one.
Because online streaming is just simpler. It’s the path of least resistance for the lazy man, and that will always win.
So how will Hollywood evolve to this new industry winner, and what will that look like for Netflix? Premium Video on Demand is looking at the time advantage Blockbuster had, and trying to beat. For $30, studios can offer not-yet-on-DVD films via online stream. But this seems nuts, and depending on the size of your family would be even more expensive than going to the movie theater.