It would be tough to be an executive at Comcast right now. Well, not “right now.” But if you had any vision at all, you have to see the cable provider going away entirely, in exchange for streaming entertainment providers. Granted, Comcast is trying to transition to be “both”, but this attempt is similarly behind Blockbuster’s attempt to play catch-up to Netflix.
In truth, life at Comcast is scary. But Comcast isn’t giving up. Comcast has partnered with Skype in order to bring HD video calling to the TV, allowing Comcast customers to utilize their HD television for Skype communications among friends and family.
But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The service requires a separate adapter box, a “high quality” video camera and a special remote control. This isn’t making our lives any easier Comcast. And that’s just one reason you’re dying.