Real-time search provider Collecta released a new API program. “Starting today, developers can plug into Collecta’s network for free,” a representative for the company told Web Pro News. “In light of the recent Tweetie acquisition, we believe that taking advantage of Collecta’s Twitter-compatible, 15+M source real-time network can give developers a real competitive edge.”
“Developers have built some amazing applications using data from Twitter’s network,” said Collecta CEO Gerry Campbell. “Collecta’s API allows developers to extend their tools far beyond Twitter, to the rest of the real-time web.”
Collecta’s Twitter-compatible API delivers real-time web search results in a format that’s simple to integrate into any application on the desktop, mobile or web.
Sites like MySpace are using Collecta already and announced that many followers will more than likely join them.
“We want to support the explosion of creativity in the real-time space,” said Campbell. “We love seeing new, clever ways to take advantage of Collecta’s real-time data. We’ve done a lot of the hard work to create the real-time stream so that app companies can focus on their specific ideas.”