During the past few years people have been talking about whether or not online news Web sites would be the end of newspapers. After a recent comment about social media made by the president of CNN, it seems that the concerns could possibly be true.
At Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2010 Media Summit New York, CBB president, Jonathan Klein said, “The competition I’m really afraid of are social networking sites. That’s an alternative that threatens to pull people away from us.”
Klein then explained, “The people you’re friends with on Facebook or the people you follow on Twitter are trusted sources of information. . . . Well, we want to be the most trusted name in news. We don’t want the 1,000 people you follow in Twitter to be the most trusted sources for you. . . . So I’m far more worried about the 500 million people on Facebook than I am about two million people watching Fox.”
He made some interesting comments about the power of social networks. He’s implying that CNN anchors will need to spend some more time referencing Facebook & Twitter.