Clicker, the online video guide, announced it has partnered with UCLA on a new service that brings online entertainment and university video content to students via the school’s Web portal, MyUCLA.

This partnership is giving students access to content from sites and networks like ABC, MTV, PBS, Hulu and YouTube. The content will features TV shows, music videos, movies, web original and UCLA content like lectures and symposiums.

“College students are clearly some of the most avid consumers of online media,” said Jim Lanzone, founder and CEO of Clicker.

“Our new service will give UCLA students a more effective way to find legal online entertainment, and a more efficient way to access UCLA’s substantial body of original videos, together in one seamless experience. UCLA on Clicker will take the guesswork out of finding what is available to watch, where to watch it, and what’s worth watching online.”

Clicker said its co-branded version of its service combines its existing 600,000-episode catalog with original videos from UCLA. Also, UCLA on Clicker was developed and will be supported without student dollars. The site is available to UCLA students for free.