Get ready to start hiding a new game from your Facebook feed timeline, played by your empty-nester mothers and your unemployed friends. I’m kidding. I shouldn’t make fun of the makers of online games so incredibly successful. Game developer Zynga, the makers of both Farmville and Mafia Wars has released their newest offering, called CityVille.
Pitched as “Monopoly meets Main Street” by GM Sean Kelly, CityVille allows people to grow their own city, running the businesses, harvesting crops, and balancing the needs of their growing population.
This is an obvious throwback to the 90s hit Sim City, but CityVille features Zynga’s first-ever 3D-rendered buildings and characters. Plus, Zynga claims that CityVille is their most “social game” to date, enabling players to interact with their friend’s cities. I’m pretty sure this means “addicting” as well.