At the end of 2010, Chrome had just shy of 10% market share, double from their less than 5% market share at the end of 2009. Great growth numbers from the fastest growing browser out there.
How are they doing it? Well, they utilized their own line of laptops, the Cr-48, that runs solely on the Chrome browser. And they also developed the “Chrome for a Cause” promotion that incentivized people’s use of the platform. Not to mention the fact that for all intents and purposes, it’s the best browser out there – in terms of speed, security, openness and more.
So, how did its competition do this year? Internet Explorer dropped from 63% to 57% last year, while Firefox shrank from 25% to 23%. So, even while the numbers look good, Chrome’s still only half of Mozilla. So, there’s still some work to do.