Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari all went against one another in a test on speed and performance. Other factors include: Startup times, memory usage, page load times, JavaScript tests and more were tested.
So who won the competition? Chrome. It did the best in several of the categories and placed second in a number of others where it defeated its rivals by a large margin.
Chrome winning left to Adam Overa to write, “Any way you want to analyze the data, Google’s Chrome comes out on top. That’s why we’re not only calling Chrome the winner of our Web Browser Grand Prix, but we’re also awarding it the Best of Tom’s Hardware Award – the first time we’ve given such an honor to a software product. If you haven’t yet downloaded Google Chrome, you just don’t know what you’re missing.”
Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer ranked second, third, fourth and fifth, respectively, in the browser speed test.