A way to promote your dental practice over social media would be to choose the most effective platform that can hold the potential and to achieve maximum mileage. Each dental practice will have to make it’s own choices and marketing social media strategy. Here are a few helpful ideas on a few leading social networks that could be used for your dental practice. 
Facebook has different advantages over the other social networks because almost everybody you know has an active Facebook profile. It allows readers to choose the kind of updates they want and what they want to view most often and share and interact with others. Dental practices have more flexible opportunity to represent itself.
With some dental practices they have short and informative videos to engage potential patients. YouTube is a very powerful network. Google plus can achieve much stronger content that is effective and compelling.
Dental practices that believe in taking images about their practice says more than a words. Pinterest is a place to post images and creativity ideas for a future product or service. The content sharing platforms allows members to “pin” images and videos to their own board, and it’s a wide audience that can open up to the public.
Twitter is another way to text message. You post what your thinking or how you are feeling, or another way to post information about someones business. Facebook users can read what they choose what to look at and respond when they please to.
For more information about how to choose which social media network is best for your dental practice, contact Windy City Strategies.