With all the choices out there when it comes to search engine optimization, which one is most worth your time? With the top choices consisting of Google and Bing, you may be asking which one is the best? There is no clear answer out there, but each has its own benefits that can help drive traffic to your website and increase your ranking.
Recently, in a bold move, Bing released their “BingItOn” campaign in which they invite you to compare your search engine results. Then again, who hasn’t heard the phrase “Google it?” Let’s break down the advantages of each search engine and you can decide which choice will provide you with optimized results.
Which search engine is best for search enquiries?  Not only does Google win out when it comes to providing the most relevant search engine results page, but its instant search tool proves to provide more the more relevant information, more quickly. While Bing does offer a similar tool to provide an instant search, Google provides the results just a bit faster than Bing.
Who provides a stronger social integration? Since Bing has contracts with social networking giants Facebook and Twitter, Bing wins when it comes to accessing more social data. Google utilizes its Google+ network, which is not as commonly used as the other social media sites.
Which results page provides a better visual appeal? This is where some argumentation seems to occur, while both search results pages can appear to look similar, some people tend to refer Bing’s over Google’s. The main complaint is that Google’s page appears to be cluttered with the addition of “+1” buttons and social annotations, while Bing seems to have adopted the old Google format.
When it comes down to it, deciding on which search engine is best for your business may all depend on your own personal preference. Deciding on the right search engine is an important decision and should be directed to a  professional Internet marketing company. Windy City Strategies not only helps businesses decide which search engine will provide the best results, but can help with many other Internet marketing needs.