What’s the next step for broadband speed increases in the U.S.? Because as our imagination continues to grow with what’s possible online, we continue to want cooler and cooler entertainment streamed to us through the cloud.
So, the idea was that the nation would need to evolve to an all-fiber network in order to meet that demand. But, it turns out that cable broadband connections can handle most HD streaming. And the country moving to fiber looks like it’s a long far way away.
In fact, half of the U.S. currently doesn’t have access to 4mpbs download rates, according to the Communications Workers of America. And since 2007, not much has changed. In fact, if we continue to grow at our current rate, it will take us 60 years to catch up with South Korea – and that’s if their technology doesn’t improve at all.
So, Web technology has enabled us to do more with less than ever before. But perhaps once we dream of something new that really requires fiber will we decide to figure out how to get it.