Continuing their recent trend to be open with SEOs and content providers, Bing has provided another list of tips and red flags in terms of how links can affect Bing search results.
Bing suggests that you should engage in link-building because it alerts them to new content, they are a vote of confidence in your site, they can send you direct traffic from those referral sites, and over time, they establish a footprint that points to your authority on a topic.
This last one has been the cause of much debate in the search engine world for years, the invention of black-hat optimizing and the very recent Google Panda Update crackdown.
But just like Google, Bing’s not ignoring the reality that link authority plays, or how they view it. But most importantly, Bing reiterates that links aren’t everything when it comes to search engine ranking. So, don’t buy them. Encourage them through great content and social sharing.