Microsoft announced new updates to the search engine, Bing. “The updates demonstrate Bing’s continued mission to connect people with the knowledge they want on the web,” a Bing rep said to Web Pro News.
One update is to Bing’s user interface, which will adapt to the page and search results that’s based on the intent of the query. “We’ll be testing a new user interface that includes new design concepts that move the Quick Tabs functionality to the top of the screen, so customers see a more visual and organized page,” the rep explained. “On the left side of the page, there will be query-specific options to help refine users’ questions and help Bing better understand user intent. This rolling update begins today and will become available to approximately 5% of customers.”
A new search experience for autos will be rolled out in the next few weeks. It will bring together the disconnected content from across the web for what Bing calls a “one-stop-shop.”
There’s also a new foursquare map application for Bing Maps, where customers can see foursquare check-ins, badges, and mayorships in Bing Maps.