Debating on whether to implement SEO on your website or pay per click as a form of internet marketing has just gotten easier according to new statistics.  Seeing your content show up in googles natural listings is a hard task to accomplish. More and more businesses are favoring paid listings than the alternative.
A new Paid & Organic report in AdWords has been created by Google to help companies get more for their money when it comes to paid ads. The purpose of this Paid & Organic report allows you to see the difference between paid advertising, natural listings or both. According to a digital marketing firm, IMPAQT, and Google, who were involved in the testing, “The paid & organic report has been incredibly useful in understanding the interaction between paid and organic search, and the overall synergy when they are working together.”
When comparing paid searches to organic searches, paid search came out on top for pages per visit, percent conversion and average order size. Based on the findings of this study, it is clear that paid businesses are getting more out of the paid searches.
One reason why organic searches are more difficult to achieve is because Google offers more of a variety of results which creates less natural listings. Businesses are also not as likely to link out or allow other links to come towards them. Many are finding out that relying only on traditional listings is not a realistic goal and can have a negative effect depending on the circumstances.
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