Facebook marketing. It’s more intuitive than most people think. Think about the updates you like seeing on your Facebook page, and do that. It may be easier in theory than in practice, but not by much.
And to help, Buddy Media just released a study showing that many companies are doing it absolutely wrong – typically using old school traditional media tactics to engage with a social audience. Here are a few of their findings.

  • Wall posts of less than 80 characters had 27% higher engagement rates. That’s very short!
  • Full-length URLs get 3 times more click-through than shortened URLs. This is likely because with all of the phishing scams happening on Facebook right now, users want to be sure where they’re going. Of course, character limitations in certain social media platforms such as Twitter make this more difficult
  • Most companies post during business hours (obviously). The problem is – the highest levels of engagement happen outside of business hours. Specifically, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are the highest engagement days.
  • Tell people what to do. Are you hoping for “likes”? Ask for them.