Baseball nerds everywhere are about to have their wildest dreams come true. Global Crossing, an IP solutions provider, has partnered with Major League Baseball and and set up high-speed networks in all 30 major league parks in order to provide live video streaming to online subscribers.
We’ve seen live broadcasting take big steps to move online, especially with ESPN’s live streaming of the World Cup games this past month, but this is a big next step.
Global Crossing has installed 155 Mbps (Megabits per second) fiber optic access loops at each Major League Ballpark to provide these HD capabilities. Subscribers to will be able to watch a full season of 2,430 live games – all in HD high-definition video quality. Plus, they’ll have real-time access to news, stats and in-game video highlights easily accessible through their browsers and mobile devices.
If this is the future, does traditional television even fit in?