How would you like to customize your search ads campaign and tailor your bids and ads to people who have previously visited your site?  Well, now you can! Google has released a new tool called remarketing lists for search ads, or RLSA.
Remarketing lists for search ads, which has been in beta since July 2012, will allow a website marketer to connect with visitors who may have left your site with items in their cart, spent a certain amount of time on your site, or viewed specific high valued pages.
Essentially, this tool will allow on-line marketers to adjust pay-per-click ads, their bid adjustments, and keywords based on their targeted audience.
There are a couple of strategies in which you can implement remarketing lists for search ads, in turn making your search engine campaign more effective.
First, you can bid on more generic keyword,s specifically targeted for previous visitors, that you don’t typically include in your regular campaigns because they are too broad for general search topics. This strategy can help with higher conversion, increasing sales.
Second, you can also optimize bids for existing keywords for those visitors on your remarketing lists, such as targeting those visitors who left items in their shopping carts by showing them a different ad.
According to Google, Tirendo, an on-line tire company in Europe, saw a 161% conversion rate increase, with a 22% sales increase just by using the remarketing lists for search ads.
In order to enable remarketing lists for search ads, you must add the remarketing tag to your website. To optimize your bids for different visitors, use the bid adjustment feature to bid up or down by percentage for your particular group.
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