With the holidays just around the corner, Google has announced that qualifying businesses can now become a Google Trusted Store.  The idea is to provide on-line shoppers with a worry-free e-commerce experience that they can trust.
This program, which was originally introduced last year, will be available to all business in the US. In order to become a Google Trusted Store, on-line retailers will have to become apply by obtaining a certification through a free Google Trusted Store certification program.
Once a retailer becomes a Google Trusted Store, Google will provide a badge on the retailer’s website and stand behind its guarantee by backing the retailer by offering a $1,000 of free purchasing protection. This offering means that if the customer is unhappy with their purchase, Google will work with the retailer to exchange or refund the product for refunds up to $1,000 in lifetime claims, but only if the customer purchases the purchase protection coverage.
Obviously, there are benefits to the on-line shoppers out there, but you may be asking how this might help your business? This program will now help to power seller ratings on AdWords text ads and in Product Listing Ads for businesses that utilize Google Shopping.
According to Brian Marquardt, Google Shopping group product manager,“This integration provides shoppers with valuable information, while giving participating retailers a free and easy way to earn the ratings they deserve.” Marquardt goes on to add, “Advertisers who display seller ratings on their ads typically see a boost in AdWords click-through rates, with higher ratings generally resulting in higher click-through rates.”
Since the original launch of this program last year, Google has stated that US retailer participation has more than tripled allowing these retailers more sales growth. The retailer OnlineShoes.com, as shown in the example below, Marquardt had stated, “OnlineShoes.com measured a 4.2% sales increase from the Google Trusted Store badge.”

In addition to the badges, “Google Trusted Stores now provides shoppers with an upgraded store performance summary that appears when they hover over the badge on a merchant’s website,” says Marquardt. “The summary includes helpful returns, delivery, and customer support responsiveness metrics.”

Due to the positive responses Google is getting from their Google Trusted Store participants over the last year, they have expanded this program and are piloting it in numerous other countries around the world.

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