The music streaming site, Pandora, has become the most popular online radio station out there. Specifically because of it’s ability to guess what you want to hear. It’s a music recommendation engine. Based on your favorite artists, and the evolving feedback of your thumbs-upping or thumbs-downing songs, Pandora is better able to play you music they know that, scientifically, you’re going to enjoy.
Aprizi hopes to bring that same concept to the fashion world, as the recommendation engine for designers and independent brands. After all, it’s really hard to find great stuff online. Typically, you find a manufacturer you know you can trust. And you stay there, waiting for their new lines to drive you wild with excitement. But now, Aprizi can find you those great online products on other e-commerce sites you just wouldn’t ever stumble upon on your own.
Whether or not this will reach Pandora’s popularity, or if someone else will take the market lead is yet to be seen. But someone’s going to. Because it’s a great idea.