It looks like Apple has acquired a small company, called IMsense, known for their technology related to High Dynamic Range photography. This type of photography is a feature of the latest iOS from Apple, and a feature that Steve Jobs touted the next-generation of iPad would have.
Now, we say “it looks like” because Apple hasn’t made a formal announcement. But, the company was acquired by “an undisclosed trade buyer” this past July. IMsense’s Web presence has since been taken down, save for a few Flickr photo examples of its eye-fidelity technology’s ability to draw out hidden features in photography.
The IMsense app has also been removed from Apple’s App Store, and recent UK government filings point to three Apple executives becoming the directors of IMsense. So, the evidence is evident, whether Apple ever admits it. And it’s exciting to see how IMsense’s technology will help develop Apple products in the future.