What a decade its been for Apple.
Remember when the iPod came out? The Apple-PC wars had been strong before then. But the iPod shone a national spotlight on Apple. For 10 years, Apple has been playing the position of underdog. Even us devotees still think of them as the alternative option. But, right before our eyes, Apple has soared to become the most valuable brand in the world. Shooting ahead of Google in #2, and firmly atop a list that includes IBM, McDonalds and Microsoft in positions 3, 4 and 5, respectively.
It’s the latest two inventions that have really helped Apple take the 84% jump in brand value this past year; the iPad and iPhone. Apple is selling more iPads than Macs, and more iPhones than iPods. By creating products consumers aren’t aware they need, Steve Jobs has been able to design winner after winner. And this underdog is one no longer.