Apple referenced iOS 5 as “the most extensive software update ever for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch” and will be released in the Fall. It’s also free, and gives devices access to Apple’s also-new cloud storage streaming system, iCloud. iOS 5 also comes with built-in Twitter integration, a huge assist to Jack Dorsey and the folks at Twitter. Because now Twitter will be able to get even more cool kids on their “not a social network” platform with this iPhone integration. The same multi-touch features Mac OS X Lion boosts will be here as well, and much more useful for the average mobile user. The Game Center will now show achievement points and friend’s scores in order to ramp up the social nature of Apple gaming.
iCloud, which will be released in the Fall and free with the upcoming iOS 5, lets you store content in the cloud and access it on any device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and PC. Apps, books and obviously, the music you purchase are now available on all your devices, not just the ones they were purchased on.
This means downloading all of your previously purchased iTunes music to any device, free of charge. With an additional purchase of iTunes Match, you can also add your existing non-iTunes purchased music collection to iCloud as well for $24.99 a year. iCloud isn’t just invisible because it’s a cloud. It’s seamlessly integrated with your apps, storing data as you work. It is also important to know that iCloud will officially replace/discard MobileMe. And Contacts, Calendar and Mail will all integrate with iCloud as well.