When technology blogs used to write about Apple, they risked angering the majority of their readership by writing about such a “niche toy market”. Today, Apple is leading the technological evolution and industry titans from both sides of the PC-Mac aisle eagerly awaited Steve Jobs’ keynote address to learn what’s next for the tech giant.
Well, no new toys this year. With the iPhone and the iPad holding media and consumer interest alike for the past several years, we almost expect to hear about a new toy every time Jobs speaks. But instead, we learned about  iOS5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud.
Mac OS X Lion will be released in July exclusively through the Mac App Store (a perfect opportunity to instantly mainstream this still evolving downloadable marketplace.) Many of the new features, including Multi-Touch gestures and app interaction are designed only for touchscreen devices. The new Resume feature allows you to bring back apps to exactly how you left them when you restart or relaunch the app. This seemingly small feature will be extraordinarily helpful, and Apps auto-save as you work. In short, Mac OS X Lion was designed for the iPad, and designed for the app world.