While iPhones, iPods and iPads have encompassed the tech headlines for Apple over the last five years, it was Apple’s computer line that was Apple’s bread and butter for a while. And now, Apple is going back to its roots, coming out with what could be quite possibly the coolest laptop ever created.
Apple’s MacBook Air, a super-slim laptop, is a couple years old as a product concept. But, this is the first year Apple has gotten it exactly right. Still no optical drives. But now, the MacBook Air offers an ultra-slim flash drive for file transport. Super light-weight. Amazing battery time. Honestly, it’s almost like an iPad for those who like using a QWERTY keyboard.
Plus, with the announcement of Mac OS X Lion, their new operating system, Apple truly has its eyes set on taking over the consumer tech market. What’s their secret? Not giving consumer what they think they want. But creating things that consumers couldn’t even imagine, but fall in love once they see it.