AOL launched a beta version of Ad Desk, a new self-serve display ad platform that’s aimed at medium- sized Internet marketing advertisers.
This ad platform will allow advertisers have more control of their online ad campaigns. It will let advertisers access demographic information and audience size across AOL’s properties.
“Transparency and control are the future of online advertising,” said Jeff Levick, Executive Vice President, AOL Advertising. “Providing clients with a greater level of personalized control over digital marketing campaigns is paramount as organizations continue to look for innovative ways to promote their brands and evaluate their ROI when planning campaigns.
“We believe Ad Desk is our client’s on-ramp to display advertising as it provides increased self-management and access to proprietary AOL information that has previously never been available.”
AOL has stated that its Ad Desk platform would evolve over time to meet the needs of the larger advertisers and agencies.

“This is a beta version of Ad Desk,” added Levick. “We are working directly with larger agencies and Internet marketing advertisers now to define the future updates of this tool to ensure it meets their needs and requirements as well.”