Earlier this year, a Supreme Court ruling lifted the restrictions corporations had in terms of political advertising spending. What does that mean for the future of political campaign funding? It’s hard to say. But AOL wants to take advantage of whatever this next evolution of political persuasion looks like, and has already jumped behind a service they think is going to start being big during these upcoming November elections.
AOL’s Advertising Politics Hub is aimed at campaigns, advocacy groups and companies looking to target audiences online. Fundraising. Building name recognition. Organizing operations. Persuading voters. And responding in real-time to negative coverage.
It’s a no-brainer to me. This seems like a great organizational tool. The only questions is whether or not a bigger name like Google steps into the race and gives AOL some competition. But as of today with this new launch, AOL looks to be the go-to-resource for political marketers hoping to reach their constituencies.