Over the past few weeks there has been talk about Google approving real natural links thinking they were unnatural or example links. A man claims that it happened to him about a month ago and Google neither denied nor admitted the mistake that had been made.
The following was the response that was sent from a Google Representative:
“Thanks for your feedback on the example links sent to you in your reconsideration request. We’ll use your comments to improve the messaging and example links that we send. If you believe that your site no longer violates Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can file a new reconsideration request, and we’ll re-evaluate your site for reconsideration.”
Many think that this is a notification not admitting they were at fault, but to assure that they will try and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.
The fact that these mistakes have happened so closely together worries people. Although Google is allowed to make mistakes, it makes you wonder how often it is really happening.  Before submitting a reconsideration request it is a good idea to go through the rest of your website and make sure there is nothing else that could be causing this warning message. It also ensures that you’re a bit more resolved.
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