I actually didn’t see this coming. An off-site non-proprietary app store. This is really interesting.
Because Amazon is online shopping. That’s where you buy most everything else. So why wouldn’t you buy your apps there? After all, for those of us who still prefer navigating on a bigger screen, it’s easier to find new apps. And with Amazon’s App Store, I can purchase an app and have it automatically start loading on my mobile device. It’s seamless. So, why would I learn a new retailer? The Android App Store. The Apple App Store. No, I’m already at Amazon for everything else.
Is this a sign that Amazon has officially Walmart’d the Web?
But just in case this convenience isn’t enough to get those already sold on the propretiary app stores, Amazon is also releasing original content as well, including Angry Birds Rio for the Android device. Yeah, that ought to do it.