Google announced that they are retiring their Google Reader service, which leaves less than one month for those who love it to find a new alternative.
The service, which allowed users to organize their favorite websites, blogs, news pages, maps and other content, will be ending on July 1st after having a loyal following since 2005. Either way those who enjoy using Google reader will have to find a new back up come next month.
If you are fond of Google Reader an equivalent services that you can use is Feedly. Upon Google’s announcement, Feedly also released an update on its plans to improve their services including better search features, adding pure web access, improving group sharing, and adding Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps and any other bugs will be fixed.
Feedly’s goal is to transition any former Google Reader users to use their company’s services.  According to Feedly, 68% of all users who try it will end up converting into weekly active users. And current users have been doubling the amount of time they spend using the service. Feedly operates in a similar fashion to Google Reader and it allows you to transition your current Google Reader feeds. It is a clean and easy to use alternative.