Today Google made an upgrade to their AdWords Editor software, which will help with Google AdWords management.
Google AdWords Editor 7.6.1 was released today for Windows and Mac, so let’s take a look at some of the improvements Google made:
1. Ad Scheduling and Location Targeting – The ad scheduling lets you update the times and days you would like your accounts to run, and the location targeting gives you the option to use radius targeting, exclude locations, and target a combination of cities.
2. Add and Update Multiple Campaigns – This is a great feature and must needed if you are an AdWords management company like us that deal with large accounts. Now you can update multiple campaign settings across multiple accounts at once.
3. Promoted Video Ads – AdWords Editor 7.6.1 now allows basic support for YouTube promoted ads. Download your ad into Editor and then you can add or modify ads with CSV imports.
4. Updated Keyword Expansion – With the Internet constantly growing it is no wonder that new searches are constantly popping up that a Google AdWords marketing team has to consider. Now Google AdWords has done an update to their Keyword Expansion tab that now has a link to “include additional terms” that can you can view based on your keyword results. Be careful though. Google likes to push some broad terms that can cause some serious damage to an account if not monitored properly.
For more information on the AdWords Editor 7.6.1 upgrade, check out Google’s release notes here.
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