Google AdWords has released version 7.5.1 of AdWords Editor to make your Google AdWords marketing much easier to use. Let’s take a look at several of the new features that is now being offered.
1. CSV File Imports – You can now import csv files directly into AdWords Editor after you have downloaded a file and done changes on a spreadsheet.
2. Downloading or Updating Selected Campaigns – Sometimes you just need to do a few things to a campaign or more, but you had to download your entire Google AdWords advertising account and that just takes a long time if you have a large account. Well Google AdWords Editor to the rescue, as now you can download the campaign or campaigns that you want to edit only.
3. Keyword Opportunities Tool – This is by far the best part of the new update as you can now view and organize new keywords by categories, so you can quickly find keywords that are relevant to your Google marketing account in the search based keywords tab. Also volume and competition are now included when you export or copy keywords, and you can add terms as negative keywords, keywords or campaign negative keywords.
Well that is the main updates for AdWords Editor 7.5.1, and if you have more questions on some of these great tools, please visit this Google AdWords blog post.
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