Continuing where we left off on our last blog, we are to the point where we are setting up the Google AdWords conversion tracking. The first step is deciding on the conversion tracking security level and language settings.
Let’s start with the security level for your Google AdWords marketing campaign. This is simple. What is the security level of your conversion page? It is either https:// or http://. Most carts use the https:// level, and you can check by going to your conversion page and looking at the address bar in your web browser. If you are not sure, it does not hurt to just use the https:// security level. If you have any questions on this, a Google AdWords consultant could give you tips, so you do this properly.
Now the last step is setting up your language. For most people reading this blog, you will select English, but this is really up to what language the vast majority of the visitors to your site are. There will be a link on your conversion page that says “Google Site Stats Link,” and whatever language you choose is what users get information about conversion tracking. Not a huge deal, since most people won’t read it, but still should be done properly.
On our next blog, we will discuss the conversion types you can utilize to make the most out of your Google AdWords management.
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