I’m sure you’ve noticed that AdWords Conversion Tracking interface now has a tool that’s been redesigned to allow implement, monitor and troubleshoot a lot easier.

Now there are three easy-to-use tabs, Conversions, Webpages and Code that will allow you to manage your conversion data.

Conversions: You can see the information about the conversion actions you’re tracking.

• The “Tracking Status” column lets you know whether a conversion action is tracking properly.
• The “Value” column shows the accumulated value of the conversions you’ve received based on the value you’ve assigned to each action.
• The “New Conversion” button allows you to easily create new conversion actions or import them from a linked Google Analytics account.

Webpages: This is where you can see which pages on your site are getting conversions. You’ll also see a breakdown of the number of conversions per page on the site. This will be helpful for troubleshooting since you can make sure conversions are coming from the pages you expect and identify these pages that aren’t reporting conversion activity.

Code: This is where you get the tracking code for each conversion action.

Now is a great time to try AdWords Conversions Tracking Conversion Tracking gives you an accurate way to measure the success of your AdWords campaigns.