Pay-per-click marketing has quickly become one of the most popular ways to advertise your business amongst the search engines. Simply by advertising, each click on your advertisement can lead visitors directly to your site.
How Pay-Per-Click Works
For example, when you are searching on one of the many search engines, you may see yellow tabs, marked “Ad”.  These sponsor ads are what is considered a pay-per-click advertisement. When your ad is clicked on, you pay the search engines a predetermined amount of money, and in return, the potential visitor will be sent to your website.
From the search engines, to the searchers, to the advertisers, pay-per-click marketing campaigns can benefit everyone.
Searchers: Studies show that searchers use paid ads more than any other form of digital advertising, which simply means that they don’t mind being advertised as long as the products and services being advertised meets the needs of the users. 
Advertisers: They offer a unique way of sending out their message to their audience that is actively seeking out their products and services.
Search Engines: They cater to both searchers and advertisers. With searchers, they come to an understanding on the user-base, while the advertisers will provide them with revenue.
Google AdWords
The most popular platform for pay-per-click advertising is Google AdWords. Users bid on keywords, Google then has to dig into the bidding AdWords advertisers and choose from a set of “winners” to appear in the ad space on the search results page. The users that won their bid will then pay for each click on their advertisement.
Google AdWords campaigns must be kept up and managed daily in order to ensure they are truly effective for your business. Simply by either taking a few minutes daily, or hiring an Internet marketing firm that specializes in pay-per-click management, you can continuously analyze the performance and effectiveness of your account.
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