It’s easy to become comfortable in the success of your online marketing efforts, however true growth and expansion require leaving this comfort zone and experimenting with new ideas and possible avenues of lead/sales generation.
It doesn’t matter if you are a do-it-yourself type of Internet marketer, or you have graduated to using a pay per click management or search engine optimization Company, you have to take the initiative and investigate the many new possibilities than a business has online to generate leads or sales.
Back in the day, you pretty much had only 3 options for Internet marketing; Sponsored Search, Search Engine Optimization, and mass email.
Today you still have those original concepts, although your options have expanded to include; Local Business Listings, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Video, etc.
The big question that many of my clients ask is “Which avenues of Internet marketing are we not using that could possibly work for us?”
The unfortunate truth is there is no magic bullet or direct answer to that question. As you might expect, different types of business will each receive different results. The only way to truly know is to try it and find out. You should experiment with the different possibilities, track the results, modify as needed, and focus your resources and budget accordingly.
The easiest way to begin is to acquire the consult of an expert in the field. Just as a pay per click management company can save you unnecessary grief by avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls that might not be as apparent to somebody with less experience, a social media marketing expert can provide some very good insights into best practices. Having the right Internet marketing expert/consultant in your corner can often make the difference between success and failure.
Experience is the key.
Some Internet marketing companies are quick to promote that they only focus on one aspect of Internet marketing. This never made any sense to me. As a business owner, I would want an Internet marketing consultant who was very well rounded in every aspect of Internet marketing with the deep resources and experience needed to provide the answers to all of my questions. Just as it would be foolish to think that relying only one aspect of Internet marketing is a solid foundation to grow a business, it would be just as unwise to acquire the consult of a Internet Marketing company that had such a narrow focus of skill sets and experience.
Clients of Windy City Strategies are fortunate in that our consultants are experienced in almost every aspect of Internet marketing and become a great resource to business owners looking to jumpstart 2010. Our clients enjoy the fact that we are experts in Pay Per Click Management, Sponsored Search, Search Engine Optimization, Shopping Feed Management, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and many more.