You’re convinced of the ROI benefits of PPC advertising. In fact, you’re doing it. But, you could be doing it better. Here are 5 tips for exactly how to do better.
1) Include pricing within your ad.
If pricing is going to scare your customer away, scare them before you’re charged for the clickthrough.
2) Be conservative with your location radius.
If you’re a local business, you might fantasize that people from hundreds of miles away will make the trip to see you. These “potential customers” really aren’t. So stop wasting your money advertising to them, and narrow your ad campaign to a minimal location radius from your store.
3) Test your ads.
Do you think you’ve crafted the perfect ad? Awesome. Make another one anyway. The deeper we get into the technological era, the sooner we get to leave Prideville. You don’t have to be clever anymore. Just test a few options and go with the best.
4) Send them deep in your site.
Too many companies just default drop click-throughs right onto their home page. But your ad is probably specific, so send them deep into the site. Just before the buying stage. Remind them of your offer, why it’s awesome, and ask for the sell.
5) Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords.
So many companies waste their ad budget targeting completely broad irrelevant keywords when there are so many hyper-targeted keywords just waiting for your bid. Find an affordable PPC management expert, and you’ll increase your PPC ROI overnight.