Your techie friends have probably been talking about Google Chrome for a while. Why it’s better. Why you should switch. And perhaps it’s their insistence that makes you not want to switch.
But, honestly, after 2 years since it’s original release, Google Chrome is definitively the best browser out there. In terms of speed, reliability and aesthetics. Plus, with a growing extensions list (still behind Firefox’s, but more intuitive to use), here are five reasons why it’s time to make your techie friends happy and make the switch.
1. Multiple home pages.
It’s silly to think you’re just going to hang out on your home page throughout your entire Web experience. You’re going to check your e-mail. You’re going to check your stocks. You’re going to check your fantasy team. You’re going to utilize search. So, why not have all of these pages automatically load upon start-up? Well, now you can.
2. Pin tabs on the browser.
This is an awesome new feature. And Microsoft is already incorporating it within their new Internet Explorer. What pinning” does is allow you to save room on your tabs, by shrinking the tab down to the size of the favicon icon itself. Your browsing experience will become instantly easier, and keeping track of your tabs has never been less confusing.
3. “App” your favorite sites.
This is a weirder one. Chrome is getting on the app train and letting you save individual sites as quick-link icons you can access directly from your desktop or menu bar. The benefit of this is that the site will open in a separate window without navigation, so it feels like an app. Some people love this. Judge for yourself.
4. Favicon-only bookmarks bar.
This offers the same benefit of “pinning” your tabs to the menu bar. Simplify your bookmarks menu and fit more on your toolbar.
5. Save your settings.
Sync up your Chrome settings, bookmarks and more so that you can have the same browsing experience at home, at work and anywhere else.
And all of these cool features that make browsing with Chrome simply more fun than Firefox or Internet Explorer ignore the most important reasons of speed and reliability, which Chrome also holds the trump card with. Bottom line: Make the switch. Google Chrome is awesome, and getting better by the month.