comScore just released data about December’s online video market in the U.S. According to the research firm, Americans reportedly watched 33.2 billion videos online during the month of December alone. 178 million people watched videos online.
Google sites were ranked at the top of a list by a huge margin, as usual. Hulu was next with about a 12 million video difference. Google sites take up almost 40% of the market share, with Hulu taking about 3%.
According to comScore, people watch about 187 videos per viewer, which usually makes about six a day.
Google Sites attracted 135.8 million unique viewers during the month (97.5 videos per viewer), followed by Yahoo Sites with 59.8 million viewers (9.0 videos per viewer) and Fox Interactive Media with 56.8 million viewers (9.7 videos per viewer),” comScore says. “The average Hulu viewer watched 22.9 videos during the month, representing another all-time high for the property.”
According to the Web site, 86.5% of U.S. Internet users viewed online videos. 134.4 million people have watched over 13 billion videos on YouTube. 44.9 million have watched 423.3 million videos on MySpace. The average Hulu viewer watched 22.9 videos, which total 2.2 hours of videos per viewer. The average length of an online video was 4 minutes.