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Growing Internet Marketplace Attracts Businesses

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - April 29, 2009) - Businesses of all sizes are building long-term online marketing strategies to gain qualified, relevant customers from the growing pool of Internet traffic. To help guide businesses toward their goal, ecommerce marketing and Internet consulting experts Windy City Strategies share their latest resource.

"Targeting qualified, relevant customers with quantifiable results is the goal of every business, but keeping that goal over the long-term, within the budget of your choice, is the key, especially in our current economy," said Internet marketing expert and Windy City Strategies President Bjorn Torling.

According to Torling, one key to a business maintaining its success over the long haul is establishing milestones throughout the year to benchmark the goal against industry conditions."The one constant in this economy is that conditions change. During the ebbs and flows, businesses need to assess whether their plan fits the current circumstances," he said.

Chicago-based consulting firm Windy City Strategies recently launched a new benchmarking resource. This new Free SEO Report will help businesses gauge their web site positioning against Internet conditions. This resource includes data from scans of the top 30 positions in major search engine platforms, including Google and Yahoo in a report that cites 12 industry-specific keywords, detailing how they are currently positioned in the market. The report also shows how 4 of the company's competitors are positioned in the market using those same 12 keywords.

This data not only helps the company assess beforehand where their current investment is compared to their original marketing goal, but it also becomes a working base to help the company make targeted adjustments in order to achieve specific goals throughout the long-term marketing plan.

As reported by Nielson Online, search data results for March 2009 grew to 9.5 billion, approximately 16.7% higher from the previous year. As expected, Google AdWords advertising had the most search queries with 64.2%. This quick consistent growth suggests that pay per click management, search engine optimization, and website Internet marketing is here to stay.

While the growing Internet marketplace shows promise, companies are still unsure exactly how to invest their limited budgets, and they are hesitant to risk losing even more exposure from a failed strategy.

"Internet search is a growing marketplace. Businesses need the right tools if they want to stay ahead of the curve. In this recession, money is tight, and that is why we are pleased to offer this Free SEO Report," said Torling.

For more information about available benchmarking resources, visit Windy City Strategies.

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