YouNow Makes the Reality TV Audience the Stars

Reality TV has become ¬†superfluous. It’s cheap to produce, and highly addicting to watch.

But there’s a next level of “reality” that YouNow hopes to bring to Internet television. Where the television audience has multiple roles, including viewer, judge and even contestant.¬†For instance, let’s say YouNow offers a Country Artist of the Week competition. You use your webcam to broadcast your talent. And in real-time, the Internet audience either votes you down (gong-show style) to skip to the next contestant, or votes you up to extend your airtime.

In theory, I love this idea. Especially the real-time audience-as-judge aspect. But, as this gains in popularity and you have 10,000 people vying for air-time, how do you decide on who gets air-time? But, if they can figure this out, I think it’s a brilliant idea.