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Get Rid of Unwanted, Negative SEO

How to Minimize Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a lot more art than science.  Making someone else “look bad” requires looking at their individual situation and identifying weaknesses.  However, there are some general tips you can take to minimize the amount of bad and low quality links your site will get, and stop handing things out on a silver platter.

RSS Advertising Links

RSS links are never strong and low quality at best.  Google usually ignored and discounted them.  Due to Google’s new lower threshold for negative links creating problems, it is recommended not to use this technique.

DMCA Take-down Notices

You don’t need to spend all of your time engaging in the pursuit of DMCA justice; just take care of the biggest offenders every 3-6 months.

Who Can Help

Windy City Strategies knows how to navigate the internet.  Being an internet marketing company, we specialize in SEO and other techniques to increase your listing, gaining more traffic to your website.  Unlike regular internet marketing firms, Windy City Strategies knows how to make your negative reviews a thing of the past!

The Overview

  • Understand Google’s algorithm is changing and sometimes you will need to adapt to accommodate those changes.

  • Stop making theft of your content easy.  Realize you can’t prevent it 100% but stop handing it to people on a silver platter.

  • Stop automatically manufacturing low quality links:  They will probably do more harm than good.

  • DMCA violations:  Go after the biggest offenders every few months.

  • Do everything within your power to resist the temptation to avoid low quality links.  Everyone gets them and it is unavoidable, but don’t encourage the practice.

  • Find an internet marketing company to help you with your site.

The 3 Most Effective Strategies

You have finally created your companies website!  Great, now what to do now?

A website is completely pointless without visitors.  Likewise, a business is completely pointless without customers.  You will make ore sales with more traffic to your site.  A simple concept that’s difficult to achieve.  Just like you would only trust a trained lifeguard to supervise your kids at the pool, you should seek out a trustworthy trained professional to help you achieve maximum traffic (and maximum profits) to your site.

Windy City Strategies offers quality services and techniques that will expand your business and increase the amount of people that visit your website.

The 3 Most Effective Strategies are Listed Below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engine’s organic results through optimizing your pages with the keyword phrases people are likely to search for.  How often do you look past the first couple of pages when searching on Google?  Most people don’t even look past the first page when searching.  This means that unless your site is on the first page, you are losing potential customers.  Though often time consuming, SEO is an important strategy to increase the amount of traffic on your site.  If you haven’t already optimized your website for search engines, it might take several months to see significant results with SEO.

Blogging allows you to offer original content on your site that draws new visitors.  When you write a blog for your website, you are constantly posting new pages that Google recognizes.  The more pages you have, the higher Google will put your website on the result pages.  You can even make links inside of your blog that allow direct links to your website and add more pages to your site.  Creating links withing a blog will also give viewers the opportunity to find your website while searching for something else that you happened to blog about.

Pay Per Click (PPC) uses internet advertising to bring in traffic to your website from search engines like Google.  It is the easiest way to improve your rank on the result list of a search engine.  Every time someone clicks on your website, you pay a fixed amount to the company providing you the service.  Your website will appear in front of your competitors on the search engine results as an ad.  Although it is the easiest way to gain more traffic, it is difficult to set up if you are not knowledgeable on the subject.

Contact an experienced internet marketing company today that will allow you to sit back with ease and watch the flow of new customers trafficking on your website.  Windy City Strategies can make that happen.

Google’s In-Page Web Analytics

Web Analytics can be hard to analyze, and even harder to explain. But, Google just made things a whole lot easier with new In-Page Analytics.

Typically, a business will ask their SEO provider for metrics like page views. Maybe bounce rates. If they’re super-advanced, maybe they’ll understand the importance of tracking conversions. But in the past, your answers always required numbers. And a story via spreadsheet is never very interesting.

But now, users can view data superimposed directly over their site. And once you see it, you’ll be blown away. The technology is actually pretty easy. Google Analytics tracks the path your guests take on your site. So, with In-Page Analytics, you can see which links and pages are getting clicked on the most often. When you see that the 2nd link in your list gets 75% of the clicks, why not make it easier to give your users what they want and move it to the top? It’s little decisions like this that Google’s In-Page Analytics will make easy.

Keep in mind that In-Page Analytics is still in beta, and will improve over time.