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SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the things we do best here at Windy City Strategies.  But sometimes, people don’t exactly know what that is.  So this blog post is to help explain it to our clients who may not know for sure.

A search engine is something going to www.google.com and putting in a search term like “Chinese Food” in the search bar, or searching for something on the web on Yahoo, or Bing.  Google is the most popular search engine, so we will use this as our example.

According to Google:  “The primary objective of any search engine is to help users find the information, products or services they’re looking for online, quickly and accurately. When the user types a word or phrase, called a query, into the search engine, a set of results that are relevant to the query is displayed.”

So- if you wanted to find a law firm in Crystal Lake- you might type in the search field “Law Firm, Crystal Lake”.

Windy City Strategies provides consultation and services in all areas of Search Engine Marketing-

The shaded area at the top of the page is called Pay-Per-Click advertising- this is a paid section, where your advertising will be posted to the top of the search engine.

The paid results are in the pink area, and the organic  (or Google selected) results are in the green area.  You will notice that there are local listings first in this green area.  That is the location portion of Google’s results- which displays local results from where your computer is searching from.

Windy City Strategies will help your business soar in the ultra-competitive web marketplace through our proven Internet marketing campaigns. We manage Google, Yahoo, and Bing accounts and we offer pay per click campaign management services as well as search engine optimization, website development, and internet marketing consultation. Please contact us for a free proposal and analysis.

Make Managing Your AdWords Account Easier

Google AdWords are defined as an effective advertising service provided by Google for businesses that wish to display their ads on Google. With an AdWords program, businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on the their ads.

Managing an AdWords account can be difficult, so it is imperative to keep the following tips in mind in order to make managing your AdWords account easier:

Make sure your keywords are relevant. Google will search keywords in your ad, helping your ad stand out from the others.

Make group ads smaller. Instead of having a huge list of keywords, make ad groups, sorting each list out. This will help make things stand out from the others.

Start your bid high. The way of bidding high is when Google’s ad system determines placements by big and CTR (which stands for click through rate). When you earn high CTR, you have to generate clicks, which means bidding high will help your ad to be seen in the search results. Once you earn those high clicks through rates, lower your bids.

Set a daily budget. Setting a budget too low can cause your ad to be displayed intermittently, which is not what you want. Ensure your ad is shown every time someone types in your ad’s keywords.

Do not get involved in a bidding war. Expand your keyword list to include all specific keywords that have a low search result. It is a waste of time and money bidding high in bidding wars. Instead, expand your keywords list to include more specific keywords.

Use negative keywords. Nothing will be posted if something is a negative keyword. Add more of them at a regular intervals, and your list will grow. If you sell products or services at a premium, include the words free, cheap, discount.

Have a relevant landing page. Most searchers don’t point to the home page, instead they choose a landing page for your site. These pages often include keywords from the search and in some cases makes it worth creating custom pages.

For more information, or for help managing your Google AdWords campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today.

How Does PPC Help Physicians and Medical Practices?

PPC helps physicians attract potential patients to their site, as long as the campaign is managed properly.  In order to manage a PPC campaign successfully, it must be closely monitored to ensure proper bidding for keywords and ad copy.  Understanding when something works and when it does not, and making adjustments as necessary, is an imperative part of ensuring your PPC campaign is a smart marketing investment.  The goal of a successful PPC or AdWords campaign is to create the greatest impact for the lowest financial investment.  If you are paying a lot for your PPC efforts and seeing few results, it is time for a change.

Using Google AdWords and building a successful PPC campaign can help you generate new referrals and grow your practice.  It is a proven and effective method for helping physicians and making the most of their internet marketing dollars.

AdWords can be very competitive so it’s important to choose a company that understands your medical practice and the PPC landscape.  The professionals at Windy City Strategies are ready to help any physicians and other businesses in the medical field.  Contact us today!

AdWords Updates Conversion Tracking: Adds ‘Flexible Conversion Counting’

Google announced a new feature that they added to their AdWords campaigns called flexible conversion counting. This new feature will allow for advertisers to count the conversions that really matter to their business.

What Is Google AdWords?

Adwords is an advertising system in which the advertisers can bid on keywords, which will allow for their clickable ad to appear in Google’s search results. AdWords campaigns can be effective for businesses big or small, but does depend on using quality ads and bidding on the right keywords.

How Will Flexible Conversion Counting Help Your AdWords Campaign?

This feature will act as a measurement tool to better understand the value of each click that turns into results. In addition, flexible conversion counting will replace the current one-per-click column, as well as the many-per-click column, with a converted clicks column and a conversions column, enabling the advertiser to separate sales and leads and allowing them to understand the total number of conversions as well.

Google had recently introduced a line of conversion tracking features to AdWords, such as its cross-device conversions and its cross-account conversion tracking.

“We’ve been working hard on building products and features that help you better understand the value you’re getting from AdWords,” according to product manager Vishal Goenka. “With estimated cross-device conversions and cross-account conversion tracking, you’re able to more accurately measure conversions in AdWords and better understand the complex path to purchase.”

Google AdWords campaigns may not be for every business, but it is important to consult with a professional Internet marketing firm who has the knowledge and expertise to correctly and effectively do so. Contact Windy City Strategies, Chicagoland’s leader in Internet marketing and web design services.

By Stephanie Brown

Understanding Product Listing Ads And Its Benefits

For many small businesses just getting started, it can be a difficult and daunting task trying to sell your product. Luckily, Google has a solution for you…Google Product Listing Ads. The advantages to Product Listing Ads are definitely worth looking into not only to increase your visibility, but your conversion as well.

How It Works

In order to have your product listed on Google, you must have a Google Merchant Center account, as well as a Google AdWords account. By linking these two accounts together, you will be able to market your product two ways, through Product Listing Ads and Product Extensions.

What is A Product Listing Ad

Product Listing Ads are search ads that will include your product’s information, including an image, price, and merchant name. These Product Listing Ads are displayed when a user searches for a relevant item in the Google Merchant Center; the results will then display the relevant ads to the user’s query.

What Are The Benefits

Perhaps the biggest benefit Google Product Listing Ads can have for your business is the traffic they will drive to your product page, as well as to your website. Since users are more inclined to click on a picture, over plain text, they will be more likely to click on your Product Listing Ad. When a user chooses to click on your Product Ad, you can guarantee this is not only a potential customer, but also your intended target audience for your business, increasing your chances of converting them and the likeliness they will visit your site again. Another benefit is that your Product Ad will appear in all relevant searches, matching it to other related terms, in turn, increasing your product’s visibility.

Product Listing Ads can benefit any business, big or small. For help or questions with your Google Merchant Center or Google AdWords accounts, or for more information on starting your own Product Listing Ad, contact our professional team at Windy City Strategies today.

By Stephanie Brown

The Benefits Of An Effective Google AdWords Campaign

An effective pay per click, or PPC, advertising campaign can be beneficial to your business. When it comes to deciding what platform to use, for example Google AdWords, Yahoo search marketing, or Microsoft adCenter, it all depends on a matter of preference. However, Google AdWords is the most commonly used campaign and works for any type of business. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider using Google AdWords for your pay per click advertising campaign.

Fast Results- Since search engine optimization campaigns take time to produce results, while PPC campaigns will provide those highly anticipated results almost immediately, or at least as soon as your ads have been completed and go live.

Google Analytics- By using these analytics tools, you are able to measure your results and decide if your ads are working or not. Additionally, these tools can help you to determine how you can improve your ad to produce the ideal results.

Provides more conversions- Since Google is so popular, they are constantly updating the features like product listing ads and in-video ads for AdWords in order to improve their highly popular PPC campaign, which in turn can produce lots of conversions.

AdWords is customizable- By specifying keyword match types, using ad extensions, and targeting your audience, you are able to customize your campaign, all depending on your business’ needs.

Keep ahead of your competition- When it comes to search engine marketing, it is important to stay competitive. By using a highly effective PPC advertising campaign like AdWords, you are not only staying competitive, but also increasing your chances of being found.

Pay per click campaigns are gaining in popularity amongst small businesses due to the affordability and the ability to set a monthly budget on your clicks. To see if a pay per click advertising campaign can work for you and your business, consult with our professionals at Windy City Strategies. We will work with you to build a comprehensive PPC campaign for your specific goals and on your budget.

By Stephanie Brown

The Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising

When developing your digital marketing plan, it is important that you stay informed and make decisions based on your business’ needs. When it comes to ensuring you can be found on the search engines, there are limited options to provide you with results. While paid searches, like search engine optimization, takes time to deliver results, using pay per click, or PPC, can help you get the results you need almost immediately.

While every business has different needs, pay per click advertising may not be for everyone, or just a stepping-stone for their future. Here are a few other reasons why you may want to consider using a PPC campaign:

Affordability- Since PPC campaigns are not only tailored to your budget, but you essentially pay per click on your ad.

Faster Results- Unlike organic search engine methods, PPC campaigns show almost immediate results since your ad will automatically receive top placement.

Real-time Tracking- With your PPC campaign, constant monitoring of your campaign will be performed. We will track things like the keywords that are, and are not, working, conversion rates, and which ads are driving the most traffic.

Exposure- Since your ad will be placed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your ad will be visible on well-known and reliable search engines, which reaches the vast majority of Internet users.

Target Your Customers- By placing a specific and eye-catching ad, you can directly target your customers and draw in only qualified and relevant traffic to your site.

Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing techniques used today. Unfortunately, building and maintaining a successful pay per click advertising campaign can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t understand how to manage these services. By hiring an experienced Internet marketing firm, such as Windy City Strategies, you can rest assured that your PPC campaign is not only managed, but provides your website with your optimal results.

By Bjorn Torling

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or paid search advertising, is a rapidly growing Internet marketing technique where sponsored links are purchased on search engine results pages (SERP), websites, content sites, or blogs. With pay-per-click, or PPC, a business will pay a fee depending on the amounts of clicks or views of their ads, which are displayed on search engine page results when a user types in a specific keyword or phrase into the search engine. There are many benefits to running a PPC campaign. Windy City Strategies specializes in PPC management and will work with you to determine if this advertising method fits your business’ needs.

Cost effective- Since you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, this method can easier to manage costs. Businesses can also determine a maximum daily allowance to help control costs as well.

Faster Results- Since PPC is not an organic search engine, although beneficial when used in conjunction, the ads can be launched at a much quicker pace, allowing for immediate results.

Custom Reporting and Tools- Since there is real-time tracking, will you receive custom monthly reports. A benefit of this report will allow you to see how paid search traffic is contributing to your online sales and leads. Additional tools, like Google Analytics, will also allow you to keep track of your conversions.

Targeting Your Audience- With PPC, businesses can target a particular audience or area. You can keep it local or go global, it’s your call.

Testing Capability- Not only will the current ad campaign be monitored to measure for keyword effectiveness, but new marketing opportunities will be tested as well.

With many pay-per-click options like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Windy City Strategies can help to find the right option for your business’ needs. At Windy City Strategies, our objective is to increase your web traffic, page views, and the time spent on each page all the while increasing the return on your investment. Contact us to have our team of professional Internet marketers customize your search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaigns today.


Are You a Google Trusted Store?

With the holidays just around the corner, Google has announced that qualifying businesses can now become a Google Trusted Store.  The idea is to provide on-line shoppers with a worry-free e-commerce experience that they can trust.

This program, which was originally introduced last year, will be available to all business in the US. In order to become a Google Trusted Store, on-line retailers will have to become apply by obtaining a certification through a free Google Trusted Store certification program.

Once a retailer becomes a Google Trusted Store, Google will provide a badge on the retailer’s website and stand behind its guarantee by backing the retailer by offering a $1,000 of free purchasing protection. This offering means that if the customer is unhappy with their purchase, Google will work with the retailer to exchange or refund the product for refunds up to $1,000 in lifetime claims, but only if the customer purchases the purchase protection coverage.

Obviously, there are benefits to the on-line shoppers out there, but you may be asking how this might help your business? This program will now help to power seller ratings on AdWords text ads and in Product Listing Ads for businesses that utilize Google Shopping.

According to Brian Marquardt, Google Shopping group product manager,“This integration provides shoppers with valuable information, while giving participating retailers a free and easy way to earn the ratings they deserve.” Marquardt goes on to add, “Advertisers who display seller ratings on their ads typically see a boost in AdWords click-through rates, with higher ratings generally resulting in higher click-through rates.”

Since the original launch of this program last year, Google has stated that US retailer participation has more than tripled allowing these retailers more sales growth. The retailer OnlineShoes.com, as shown in the example below, Marquardt had stated, “OnlineShoes.com measured a 4.2% sales increase from the Google Trusted Store badge.”

In addition to the badges, “Google Trusted Stores now provides shoppers with an upgraded store performance summary that appears when they hover over the badge on a merchant’s website,” says Marquardt. “The summary includes helpful returns, delivery, and customer support responsiveness metrics.”

Due to the positive responses Google is getting from their Google Trusted Store participants over the last year, they have expanded this program and are piloting it in numerous other countries around the world.

For help or information on how we can help with your Internet marketing needs or to get started on your business’ AdWords campaign, contact Windy City Strategies, Chicagoland’s leader in Google marketing.


Are You Using AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?

How would you like to customize your search ads campaign and tailor your bids and ads to people who have previously visited your site?  Well, now you can! Google has released a new tool called remarketing lists for search ads, or RLSA.

Remarketing lists for search ads, which has been in beta since July 2012, will allow a website marketer to connect with visitors who may have left your site with items in their cart, spent a certain amount of time on your site, or viewed specific high valued pages.

Essentially, this tool will allow on-line marketers to adjust pay-per-click ads, their bid adjustments, and keywords based on their targeted audience.

There are a couple of strategies in which you can implement remarketing lists for search ads, in turn making your search engine campaign more effective.

First, you can bid on more generic keyword,s specifically targeted for previous visitors, that you don’t typically include in your regular campaigns because they are too broad for general search topics. This strategy can help with higher conversion, increasing sales.

Second, you can also optimize bids for existing keywords for those visitors on your remarketing lists, such as targeting those visitors who left items in their shopping carts by showing them a different ad.

According to Google, Tirendo, an on-line tire company in Europe, saw a 161% conversion rate increase, with a 22% sales increase just by using the remarketing lists for search ads.

In order to enable remarketing lists for search ads, you must add the remarketing tag to your website. To optimize your bids for different visitors, use the bid adjustment feature to bid up or down by percentage for your particular group.

To learn more about AdWords or for professional help with remarketing lists for search ads, contact Windy City Strategies, Chicagoland’s leader in Internet marketing.