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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Account

Social media plays an important role in advertising and marketing today’s businesses, especially when it comes to small companies. With more close to two billion active Facebook accounts, the most of any social media platform, there are several reasons your business needs a Facebook account:

1. Build Relationships with your Customers: Not only do businesses that use Facebook have a good way to connect with their customers, but it is an effective method to spread the most important word-of-mouth referrals. By building these relationships, businesses can personalize their marketing efforts based on their audience, building offers and promotions based on their customers’ demands.

2. Gain Exposure: In addition to building relationships and spreading your name, your business will be generating awareness amongst others, free of charge. With every “like” or “share” of your business’s page or post, the greater your social media exposure will be, ultimately increasing the chance that your page will be seen by hundreds of people.

3. Increase Traffic to your Website: There are a couple of ways you can drive traffic to your business’ Facebook page. One of the most effective ways is when your users utilize FourSquare to “check-in” to your place of business, which lets their Facebook friends know that they are at your business location. Another way is by sharing any of the products or services they may have purchased from your business on their Facebook account.

4. Advertise your Business: Facebook allows you the ability to advertise on their network, allowing you to effectively target your customers. With Facebook’s Custom Audiences service, you can target your customers using email lists or you can use Partner Categories, which targets a specific industry, to better influence your desired audience.

5. Provide High Quality Customer Service: There is nothing more important to a business that input from their customers. By utilizing a Facebook page, your business can reach out to their audience to generate suggestions for future products or services, solicit feedback, or most importantly, show your customers how much you value them, making you stand out form your competition by offering high quality customer service.

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Will Rising Facebook PPC Ad Prices Send People Back to Google?

Facebook advertising has always been an interesting sell. Their ability to hyper-target individuals based on specific interests is simply incredible. The low cost-per-click ad rate is simply incredible as well. Here’s why. Because the ads are never timely. They don’t react to searches. On Facebook, you don’t search for “golf club discounts” and see an ad for golf clubs pop up. The ads are random, based on what you “like” in your profile along with your demographic statistics.

In short, Facebook ads can be relevant, but are rarely timely. Whereas, Google ads react to your specific search entry. And therefore, they tend to cost a little more. But now, it turns out that Facebook’s CPC ad costs have risen by 22% this past quarter. Why? Because you’re competing with more and more advertisers – specifically, all of them! You’re not competing with other golf vendors. You’re competing with publishing companies trying to sell their books based on other books the individual has “liked”. You’re competing with Higher Education institutions trying to persuade people back to school based on their most recent level of education. As advertisers continue to enter the Facebook arena, we’re all competing for the exact same audience at the exact same time. And I wonder if that will mean an exodus back to Google for some advertisers?