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Creating The Best Internet Marketing Campaign For The New Year

With 2018 beginning, many businesses are getting on top of creating a better Internet marketing campaign in spite of the new year. To start off 2018 strongly, it is essential to have the best plan set in place to generate the most sales and loyalty from customers. Windy City Strategies has some helpful tips for you to take into consideration when you are reviewing your Internet marketing campaign for the new year, which includes the following:

Stay one step ahead of the competition: Knowing who your competition and ensuring that your company is ahead of them will guarantee success for the new year. For instance, if you are a company that offers computer and troubleshooting services, you may want to consider adding a special offer for the new year that will bring users visiting your website rather than competing businesses.

Enhance your content:
For the new year, you may want to start considering establishing the purpose and benefits of your products/services. Frequently addressing how your brand can benefit users in your content will bring in more online traffic. Writing content that is straight to the point as well as valuable to potential customers will interest the targeted audience.

Implement social media platforms: If you have not incorporated social media within your business, this is the perfect time to start. Social media marketing is a very efficient way to generate an increased online viewing. The more advertising and posting you do on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, more users will be visiting your website.

Have a user-friendly website: If you are advertising your online business through social media, email, and other marketing techniques, it is essential to have the best responsive design on your website. You want to ensure your website can be reached through all devices and programs that can be connected through any region of the world. Having a professional website design company take a look over your website and improving the the things it may be missing will benefit you in having the best responsive design.

To learn more about how Windy City Strategies can help make 2018 the best year for your business, contact us today.

Is Your Website Outdated? Tips To Freshen Up

Has your website receives less traffic lately? Have your online sales decreased over time? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it is time to update your website. We here at Windy City Strategies are here to help you freshen up your website with the latest advances to guarantee you have the most efficient and user-friendly website.

Do you have a user-friendly website?
It is essential to have a user-friendly website available for all platforms and devices. If your website achieves this, you will have a better chance of gaining more customers visiting your website. If your website fails to complete this, it is time to start updating this to establish a responsive connection to all devices.

Does your website receive substantial amounts of viewers? You need to grab the audience’s attention when they first click on your website. Does your site have quick and effective facts, as well as graphics and easy navigation? If your website does not have any of these, then it may be time to have a professional web design company to perfect your online platform.

Do you have more information than you need? Does your website have too much information in it? This can include too many paragraphs or graphics and not enough straight to the point facts. Users are not going to read paragraphs, they want quick and hard facts for them to learn the knowledge of your brand in a short amount of time.

Is your website closely similar to competitors? If your website is closely related to your competitors, users viewing your site will not remember your specific brand and could possibly confuse your business with a competitor. It is important to ensure your brand has something different and better to offer compared to the competitors. This will make your business stand out, as well as make you more memorable.

For more information on how to freshen up your website, contact Windy City Strategies for the best services in web design and Internet marketing

Starting An Email Marketing Campaign

A great way to ensure success with your company is known as email marketing. Take a look at these benefits below, that you can use during your email marketing.

Brand Name Awareness – Email Marketing will increase the likelihood of clients reaching out to you when they need your services. Create a brand name awareness, so they know to go to you vs your competitor.

Loyalty With Customers – Showing appreciation towards your customers is a great way to show them you care, and you’re letting them know your concern will extend beyond the appointment. Once you build that loyalty with them, they won’t go to any other company, besides yours.
Getting Referrals – When you start an email marketing campaign, a get way to get more referrals is to include a (Send To A Friend) button, so then they can share the information with others.
Staying Ahead of Your Competitors – Everywhere you go, there will always be someone trying to take your clientele from you, but with you already having this email marketing campaign started, you’re ahead of the game.

To get more information about starting an email marketing campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today!


Hiring A PPC Expert For Your Business

In the daily marketing world SEO and PPC are always in a constant competition with each other. Google changes out there algorithms, and companies start to find they competing against moving goal posts.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): These guys can be a slow process and businesses in competitive industries may not be able to hold the number one rankings like we all desire. This is why we spend more money on PPC advertising.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click): With PPC advertising it does have a lot of potential that can deliver targeted traffic flows.

Now if you are planning to open up your own Google AdWords account, do not do that! There is a reason why PPC professionals are charging a fee for management. If your fairly new to PPC, you could be unaware that it will cost you less to hire an expert then doing it yourself.

These are the reasons why you should hire a professional PPC Management Expert.

Keyword Research: This task isn’t easy; this research is very crucial to your success. It’s something PPC experts spend a lot of their time on initially. Choosing the WRONG keywords can quickly exhaust your budget and with your campaign you could have poor returns.

There are some free keyword tools out there, like Google’s Keyword and its open for anyone to use but the better tools are the ones you have to pay for now. Paying for a keyword tool would give you a competitive advantage but it’s going to cost you. These paid tools can cost upward of $100 monthly in addition to other expenses. Now for an expert in Pay Per Click they don’t just use one of these tools, they use multiple data points to form a more complete sales landscape for you.

Low Conversion With Wrong Ad Copy: One of the many strengths of a PPC expert is they have the ability to perform a competitive research. They understand how to find a good copy and they study your competition, which helps them form ads based upon what they know will work. Having that kind of copy isn’t something anyone can do overnight, because every single word that is used, means something.

Tracking: Having a good PPC program they can track your sales and also figure out where those sales are coming from. Good analysis can show you which placements and what keywords are likely to bring you these conversions. Also if you are tagging your campaigns it can allow you to see which tags are most effective. This involves a tracking code that is installed for you. This does require some basic HTML knowledge, so if you don’t have those sorts of knowledge leave it up to your web developer.

Understand PPC Terminology: We should all know what PPC stands for, but now do you know what CPM, CPC or CPA means? How about the difference between impressions, views, hits and what retargeting is? Understanding these terms is really important in our day-to-day management of campaigns.

Staying Up To Date: Every online marketer out there has to stay up to date with the latest trends. By either reading the online news articles, journals, or forums. They can also attend industry trade shows for several times annually or by attending networking events. If you are feeling you can’t handle doing that, hire an expert to do it for you! They will keep you up to date on everything, so you aren’t missing out.

Having The Time: Being a business owner, your already busy with hundreds of other tasks daily. Are you going to be able to manage time for your own PPC account and give it the attention?

Hiring an expert or an agency to handle things for you will be best. For more information about why you should hire someone to do your PPC contact Windy City Strategies.


Managing Your Emails Effectively

Email is the number one most used communication tools in business. This allows everyone to connect with one another whenever they want and it gives us the ability to work together as a team on sharing our files or notes. It’s fast and easy to use which is making it very popular.

It’s important to manage your emails properly, or else many people could feel a bit overwhelmed. If your inbox is in a clutter we could possible miss those important emails. Therefore, we need to be organized and keep all unread messages to a minimum. Use these hints on how to manage your emails effectively and it could increase your productivity.

Setting Up A Time To Answer Emails – Setting up a time to answer your emails will make you more productive during the day. Every time you come into work give yourself at least a half hour to read all emails and be able to reply to them. If you keep up with the routine you could do it again for after lunch or in the afternoon. This will help you keep up with the important emails that come your way.

Delete Unwanted Emails – When going through your inbox, go through the unread emails that are from spam or promotional and just delete those. You don’t need to open them, just look at the title of them. You should be able to identify from the subject line if that email does require an action or not. You can even unsubscribe from those emails so you are no longer getting them. Do that on your spare time, in the mean time continue to go through the emails that you don’t really need, to help clear up some space.

Organize Inbox With Folders – When you start getting new projects make a folder for them and label the emails according to specific tasks and deadlines. This will help you keep track of your emails more quickly and effectively. The next step would be prioritizing and sort these emails that are in different folders. You can also set up these emails to directly go to that folder once it arrives. This will help keep your inbox clean and organize.

Sending Fewer Emails – The only way to receive fewer emails is to send fewer emails! You do not need to send the email to everyone who works with you, if you only want to answer from a specific person. If it is necessary you can “CC” the others and don’t need to put their email addresses to the “TO” section.

For more information about how to mange your emails effectively contact Windy City Strategies. 


Increasing Conversations When Using Google Analytics

A way to help improve your marketing is to track and see how customers are converting on your site. Conversations show you the path your customers take on your site. They are broken into four sections. Here are few things you should known.

  • Goal Completions- Number of conversions
  • Goal Value- Produced by the number of conversions on your site. Calculate by multiplying number of conversion goals by the value that was assigned.
  • Goal Conversion Rate- Total amount of individual number of conversions rate.
  • Total Abandonment Rate- Goals are abandoned
  • Assisted Conversions- Conversions of this channel appeared on the path, but is not the final interaction.
  • Assisted Conversion Value- Conversions that are assisted by the channel

Goals Overview

This can give you a quick summary of the total number of goal completions made from your site. Able to view the pages where the goals were made and then link to see where the converting originates from.

  • Goal URL’s– The URL’s report shows the links on your site where users convert. When you use destination goal, the URL users can land on once the goal has been completed. For example as a thank you and confirming your page.
  • Reverse Goal Path– This reports displays four steps in goal completion journey. Shows a popular pathway people take, and how to complete a goal. For example, most people only go through at least three pages at most. If so you want to also shorten other pathways going through your site it gets people to goal faster.

Ecommerce Overview

To sell products through your ecommerce shopping system, this will give you insights to your shoppers’ journey. You must set up the tracking in order to use the reports. These reports summarizes the conversion rates, transactions, and average order total.

  • Product Performance– Unique purchases, product revenue, and quantity.
  • Sales Performance- Total revenue, conversion rate, and total average of order value.
  • Transactions- Quantity, shipping, and tax of all items for each transaction

Multi-Channel Overview

This reports give you a summary for each channel that drives visitors to your site. Google Analytics attributes conversions to the last referral that brought a visitor to your site to make a conversion. Multi-Channel reports, you will discover not just one type of marketing that can help your business but all different types.

For more information about how to increase your conversions for Google analytics contact Windy City Strategies for more details.


Patients Demanding To Hear From Their Providers

Patients all over are getting frustrated when their doctor doesn’t answer them. Studies have shown from the Health Data Management, a number of patients are emailing directly to their physicians and those have tripled. Research also shows that 93 percent of respondents would prefer to have email communications with their doctors and only a quarter of them respond.

Their is a new option now for patients and doctors to communicate better with one another. Their is an online portal that provides a easy access for patients. Its another type of communication without giving headaches and having unhappy people. This keeps the patients happy and healthy. Portals have increased the satisfaction, health and has reduced phone tags and emails.

No more having an email, call to get the answers you need, or looking at the frequently asked questions and answer. Practices are now able to send test results to the portal. If patients don’t know how to register educate them and have them take advantage of these new services that are available for them. Practices should explain benefits and provide instructions on how to use it, and it will pay off.

For more information contact Windy City Strategies.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

To ensure success with your business, a good way to market your company would be known as email marketing. Here are some benefits that you can use through email marketing to patients.

1. Maintaining Awareness

With email marketing, you are able to create a brand name awareness, about your medical practice. Having this will increase the likelihood that your practice will be the first one that email recipients will turn to when they need your service.

2. Customer Loyalty

Starting out your message with an “I care” will be a great way to promote your marketing campaign. Let them known your concern for them will extend beyond the appointment. If you show appreciation they will be coming back to you.

3. Referrals

One part of having an email marketing would be to included a “Send to a friend” button. You are able to share the information to others as a result in getting new clients. Having this feature and explaining different options about what you have to offer, gives yourself a good lead if patients refer them to you or vise verse.

4. Keeping You Ahead

You are always going to have competition no matter where you go. If you have a email marketing you are already ahead of the game and ready to go.


To learn more about benefits of email marketing contact Windy City Strategies for more information.

Medical Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a great tool for keeping patients updated on the latest information about your practice. Through email marketing you can feature latest news, new procedures, medical advancements, specials, awards, recognition’s and more. Below are a few tips you can use for your next email blast.

1. Your Message Should Be Short– Readers a drawn to pictures, not a lot of text. Your email campaign should highlight some great photos, along with supporting text that is short, brief and to the point. This will capture the reader’s attention and increase your chances of having your patients read further, rather than deleting the email.

2. Links To Your Website– The purpose of sending an email blast is to get your patients to go to your medical website. Include links in your text, or make your beautiful graphics click-able. Even adding call-to-action buttons work well to increase click-through-rates.

3.  Viewable On All Devices– Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read an email or a newsletter that can’t be easily viewed on your computer, phone or tablet. Send your self a test email and then try to view it on other devices to make sure your patients can read it.

For more information about medical email marketing such as starting an email campaigns or optimizing your campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today.