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Website Consistency is Imperative to Success

Imagine you are traveling the world and are hopping from country to country every week, spending your time exploring the cities and lifestyles. This trip would be great if it were not for the fact that every country has a different currency. This one, minute discrepancy poses a large issue that can potentially halt your entire adventure and destroy all your plans.

This same issue is found in web design all the time. Website owners and designers seem to enjoy letting their “creative juices” flow too much, making for a difficult and unpleasant user experience due to large variations in design.

To avoid this catastrophic issue – lacking consistency – there are several things your website should incorporate into its design to make for a fun and pleasant user experience.


When you are advertising for your business, it’s important to stay consistent with the titles of your products and services you offer. If you are selling a simple, wooden door, call it just that. Perhaps throw in the type of wood and of course the dimensions, but stick with that naming. Do not veer away from it; a “majestic opening and closing mechanism” is not a proper name for that product.

Menus and UI Elements

Typically, web designers try to create the most visually appealing website they can, which often means they will have to “spice up” the drop down menus and UI elements, ultimately making for sluggish loading times and a laggy user experience.

The choice to enhance the elements is rarely a good one, so be sure to consult your designer and web designer and ask for their opinions prior to adding these elements to your website. You want a fast website that keeps its visitors, not a website where the visitors are driven away due to a poor element.


Similar to the menus and UI elements, your website’s layout plays an integral role in attracting customers. Not only does it have to be a smooth design, but it also has to look similar and follow the common website design rules: navigation bar at the top, title/company name in the upper left, search bar in the upper right, content for the main page, and contact information with a general sitemap as the footer.

General Consistency

Putting all the nitty-gritty bits and pieces of websites aside, it’s important to maintain an overall feeling of consistency. If you have a modern home page, then the rest of the website should also be designed with a modern aesthetic. Maintain the same color palette, open links that take the user to a third party’s site in a new tab, etc.

Ensuring your website’s visitors have an enjoyable experience and are able to easily navigate throughout your website is crucial, yet an area that is often overlooked by designers. Humans like consistency – it’s wired into our brains – so take advantage of our instinctual traits to leverage your business. If you would like assistance developing your website, be sure to contact us at Windy City Web Designs to make for a beautiful and elegant website.

3 Things You Need To Know about Dental Website Design and Internet Marketing

Getting a Dental website design should be an easy process, but the problem is that most dentists do not have the time to sit down and learn about the web design and Internet marketing industry.  When you finally have to get a design, it could be a daunting task, and sometimes cost is the factor that you use to pick your company, but that is not right.

Here are some things to consider when picking a Dental website design and Internet marketing company:

1. Make sure you own the site.  Some things a company will say is, we have proprietary software or easy to use online website editor within their software.  Stay away from those because when you leave the company they will hold your website hostage until you pay some sort of financial settlement.  Make sure the company provides you FTP information or at least your WordPress login and password that is under your name/company.

2. Double check the content they provide.  One of the worst things a company can do to you is utilize plagiarized content.  There are a lot of companies out there that use a cookie cutter method to keep costs down and recycle content by changing out the city and company name, but the rest stays the same.  This content is plagiarized so you will not get the results on the Internet that you want.  Think about it, if you removed the name Harry Potter from the book series and replaced it with your name and then tried to publish it, would you get published?  No.  A simple way to see if other sites are using your content is copy a paragraph and put it into Google search.  If you see lots of bolds, then you need to rewrite your content.

3. Images.  A big business now-a-days is going after people that use pictures on their website and do not pay for them.  Do not do this.  Companies like Getty Images are using software to scan websites and they will send you a friendly letter to pay up, and it is not cheap.  I’ve seen between $500 to $2000 depending on the size of the image.  Now if you take it down right away, you should be ok, because sometimes you just don’t know if a web design company does this practice, but just to be safe, ask the website design company where they get their images or better yet, provide them on your own.

Windy City Strategies specializes in dental website design and dental Internet marketing solutions. With over 10 years of experience, our staff of expert web designers and Internet marketers have been leading the way with advanced solutions for dental companies by delivering customized strategies with you and your patient in mind.

By Bjorn Torling

Setting Up Location Preference For Dental Internet Marketing

When setting up your AdWords or AdCenter account, setting up the location and language preference is one of the most important things to be done.  Think about it, if you target the wrong area or don’t do it at all you risk showing your ad to people that are not in your area and all you do is waste your marketing dollars, and then complain that pay per click advertising does not work.  We hear this quite often, and for us at Windy City Strategies, we find that to be horrible, because there is no other marketing that you can put an ad in front of somebody looking for your service at the exact moment that they are looking for you and only pay when they click on you.  Other  factors like the Content Network stifle budgets too, but that is for another blog :-)

Here is how you set it up correctly within AdWords:

1. Whether you are new to AdWords or have an existing account, it is in the same spot: Campaign Settings.

2. Once you get in there scroll down to Locations.

3. Here you pick out the city.  You can do a couple things here.  Pick out all the cities you want your clients coming from, or pick the city you are in and do a mile radius of around 20 miles.  This is based on IP Adresses, so Google does recommend at least a 10 mile radius.  Better to go too small than too big and not be correctly targeted.  Either way works on targeting.

4.  Hit save.

5. Now you have to test if you are targeted correctly.  Are you getting calls at least?  If you went too big of an area, you will get calls from cities you do not want, so narrow the search a bit.  Test, test, test :-)  This will really help your Dental Internet marketing.

Windy City Strategies specializes in dental website design and dental Internet marketing solutions. With over 10 years of experience, our staff of expert web designers and Internet marketers have been leading the way with advanced solutions for dental companies by delivering customized strategies with you and your patient in mind.

By Bjorn Torling