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How A Marketing Campaign Is Effective For Your Business

Setting up an Internet marketing campaign is essential to every business plan because it can help you build customer relationships and awareness for your company. When implementing an effective marketing campaign, there are a few important factors that can increase potential customers and let your brand be known.

Having valuable content with relevant keywords and phrases on your website will make other businesses within your industry work harder to compete with what is on your site. Everyone’s end goal is to show up naturally on Google in the first spot.  To start achieving this goal, review the content on your site and make sure you are staying competitive with other businesses.

PPC & SEO Campaign :  A PPC or SEO campaign will allow your company to be found easily and increase your rankings in popular search engines. With a PPC plan in place, you can set your own budget to control your costs and see results immediately, unlike waiting for your organic search to show up. Certain SEO techniques can drive more traffic to your site, and help give your company better search results.

A successful marketing campaign will require you to separate yourself from your competition.  Think about what is unique about your company or why your customers should choose you over other brands.  Take information and use it to your advantage so people will remember you. Grabbing the attention of your viewers will make you stand out in the crowd.

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Seek The Help Of A Professional Internet Marketing Firm

Deciding to implement an Internet marketing strategy in order to gain more online exposure, which in turn will increase traffic and sales to your website and business, can be a challenging task. For this reason alone, you may wish to seek the help of a professional Internet marketing firm, like Windy City Strategies, in order to help ensure your Internet marketing campaign is not only right for your specific business needs, but is effective as well!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you’re in the market for fast traffic, you simply can’t beat pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, given the steep learning curve that’s sometimes associated with this marketing method, you’d be wise to take heed of the resources and the advice that Windy City Strategies can offer, especially when it comes to managing these campaigns effectively.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Content marketing has made one of the biggest jumps in importance ever, given the potential for natural link creation this tactic provides.  If you don’t yet have a company blog or a content marketing strategy in place, you must contact Windy City Strategies to get one started!

Branding and Marketing

Google hasn’t shied away from sharing its love of big brands.  From the search giant’s standpoint, this makes sense, as customers are often more likely to report positive user experiences on branded sites than on their “no name” competitors.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always good news for smaller websites, who may have lacked the budget and/or resources to develop their brands in the past.  If you find yourself in this position, be sure to talk to Windy City Strategies to find the best branding solutions for your business.

Link Building

Link building remains important, but it’s safe to say that this aspect of SEO has changed more than any other.  If you’re concerned that your link building techniques may be out-of-date, the it is important to turn to a professional like Windy City Strategies who can help to ensure your are up-to-date with your practices.


Why Mobile Should Be First

All businesses should have a mobile site, because if you do not you risk the chance at losing potential customers. The mobile experience for a web application or site is designed and built once the desktop version is completed. Here are the reasons why web applicants should be designed for mobile first before the desktop version.

Why Mobile is Exploding! – The Internet has been assessable on our mobile devices for many years, but with today’s smarts phones they are driving a huge use of networked applications and content on the web. For example, take AT&T, which is the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone, and they have seen a 4,932 percent increase in the mobile traffic data in the last three years! This is just the start.

Makes Your Focus – With mobile devices it requires software development teams to focus on the most important data and actions for the application. You need to prioritize! When the team designs the mobile first, the end result is an experienced focused on the key tasks that users want to accomplish without having the detours and general interface debris. This is good for business and good for user experience.

Extending Your Capabilities – World Wide Web has been built on a foundation of simple capabilities that are determine by what the web browsers are to support. Web developers are desperate to add innovative capabilities to this environment, and have pushed the limits of plug-ins, JavaScript and the web browsers themselves. This will enable rich activities and interactions online.

When you build a mobile first it allows yourself and the team to utilize the full palette of capabilities to create a rich context-aware applications instead of limiting themselves.

For more information about why you should create a mobile first contact Windy City Strategies!


SEO Techniques You Should Think About

SEO techniques may sound a little funny for the New Year. But content and search engine optimization is still hand in hand. You wonder what’s the point of high quality writing that will probably just end up on page 25 of Google’s search results, and nobody is going to go that far into those pages. If your material isn’t worth the read, and doesn’t serve that purpose, your page rankings will not do you much good.

Being the online writer, the key to create quality content that people are going to want to read and for search engines to want to index it. If you do this right you are bound to feel successful on the web. Follow these next couple techniques to work into your digital marketing plan.

Using A Calendar — Planning is very important especially when you are the online marketer! This is why you need a content calendar, when creating this it enables you to plan and visualize the writing activity for the year. It will let you be able to plan around important dates, and maintain publishing consistency, which is very important for readers and SEO.

When creating this calendar it also forces you to research topics and your keywords. Since you’re the one writing all your headlines in advance, you have the view on your content, and it’s unlikely you will repeat yourself. If you do this correctly your pages and site will start to attract and retain more visitors then you had before.

Creating Outlines — Creating your detailed outlines for your blogs and articles in advanced it does save you time, effort and enables you to structure your content for better readability. Makes you think about the message that you are trying to convey in your SEO writing, and can help avoid you from fluffing.  Your outline will contain the three elements: a SEO headline that will pack a punch, a hierarchy keyword subheading, and the main message.

Writing To Your Viewers — A lot of business today are still churning out articles for search engines. Yes SEO really does matter, but finding you content and engaging with it are two different things. For example, a prospect runs a search and comes across your page, opens the page up, then reads the first two sentences and scans the rest of the page. SEO doesn’t buy your services, products or ideas the viewers do. If you have highly optimized content that is unpersuasive, incoherent or boring, your SEO writing is going to look like it was written for search bots. You want to write for your prospects, and optimize your content with good keywords when you are done.

Incorporating Keywords — Everyone in the business world should know the value of using keywords. What they don’t know is that how you use them can affect your rankings and user experiences. Looking at it from an SEO perspective, keywords are not as important as they use to be, but relevance, density and prominence do matter. The questions you need to be asking yourself are:

  1. Do you have main keyword(s) in your heading and at least one subheading that are close to the beginning as possible?
  2. Have you been able to maintain a safe keyword density?
  3. Have you incorporated LSI keywords or long tail phrases?

These are important questions to ask, so you can see what you are doing correctly and what you’re missing.

Using Pictures — This wouldn’t be considered a writing technique, but it can bring your SEO writing to life. Using images to complement your text can increase the likelihood that readers will read and engage with your content more. Everyone is naturally drawn to pictures. Picture quality is very important! If you have pour quality images this can potentially turn away readers and potential customers even. Using images can boost your SEO and if you do this correctly you can generate traffic and boost those rankings up.

For more information about SEO techniques contact Windy City Strategies!


Creating A Website Yourself Vs. A Web Design Company

People use the Internet every day to find things that they need. Having a well laid out website can be provided in all sorts of useful information to those who might need what you have to offer. Such as hours of business, email address and information as to why they should pick your company over the others.

When designing and planning a business website, you generally have two options. Building the website yourself or contact a web designer or programmer. Before rushing into a lengthy do it yourself project or you put out a lot of money to have a professional designer do it. Consider the pros and cons of both approaches to building a company website!

Design Abilities – There are many desktop and online applications that exist that enable you to create websites quickly. Desktop programs like Dreamweaver, Coda, Net Objects Fusion and others ship with templates you can use to create a wonderful website with minimal HTML or Web programming experience.

Many of these easy to use sites or templates produce only basic sites that are more suitable for personal websites. While you’re about to produce an attractive and functional site with the consumer-oriented tools, you must possess at least some type of experience in coding and programming.  So you can add advanced features such as customer management solutions, working shopping cart application, login or even a membership management. If you need these types of features for your website and don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you might want to hire a professional web developer.

Set Up And Implement Your Site – If you know that your business is going to need only a minimal web presence and site that consists of just a couple pages, you can probably use the available web design tools to create your website in just a few hours. If you’re planning to sell products online or have a customer management system, designing and implementing a site can be very time consuming. Selling products online you will want to ensure that every product has a description and you make sure to include everything for that product. Means you must design a new page or database entry for every product your planning to sell.

If your planning to offer helpful content on the site you should attract more visitors, by writing and uploading articles for your site this can take up substantial amount of time in your daily schedule. If creating product pages or content for the pages if this distracts you form running your business and growing, you should seriously consider outsourcing your project.

Repairs And Maintenance – A successful website requires more than just a name and great design. Once you make your website LIVE, it will require continuous maintenance and updating to ensure potential customers that will keep coming back. It’s easy to create a website with modern development software tools, these applications are not very useful if your site starts to have many problems. HTML and code errors, broken links, or corrupted database files are always a main concern for busy websites. Unless you have someone in the business that has the ability to do a quick troubleshoot and resolve the issues that might arise with your website, if your using a professional to design, monitor and maintain this site, it can be saved.

Money – All in all, money will undoubtedly be the major consideration in your decision to outsource your companies website or you do the work at home. A good professional website developers usually don’t work cheap, nor do they ever. Spending some time soliciting ideas and bids from developers, you can find someone who can work within your budget area. If you’re creating the site yourself you will save a lot of money. However, before taking this task upon yourself or appoint the tasks to one of your employees, you should determine if the time you spend on this project could better be used to maintain your business.

For more information about creating a website yourself vs. a web design company, contact Windy City Strategies. They will be more than welcome to help you figure out what is best for you, your business and your pocket.


Managing Your Emails Effectively

Email is the number one most used communication tools in business. This allows everyone to connect with one another whenever they want and it gives us the ability to work together as a team on sharing our files or notes. It’s fast and easy to use which is making it very popular.

It’s important to manage your emails properly, or else many people could feel a bit overwhelmed. If your inbox is in a clutter we could possible miss those important emails. Therefore, we need to be organized and keep all unread messages to a minimum. Use these hints on how to manage your emails effectively and it could increase your productivity.

Setting Up A Time To Answer Emails – Setting up a time to answer your emails will make you more productive during the day. Every time you come into work give yourself at least a half hour to read all emails and be able to reply to them. If you keep up with the routine you could do it again for after lunch or in the afternoon. This will help you keep up with the important emails that come your way.

Delete Unwanted Emails – When going through your inbox, go through the unread emails that are from spam or promotional and just delete those. You don’t need to open them, just look at the title of them. You should be able to identify from the subject line if that email does require an action or not. You can even unsubscribe from those emails so you are no longer getting them. Do that on your spare time, in the mean time continue to go through the emails that you don’t really need, to help clear up some space.

Organize Inbox With Folders – When you start getting new projects make a folder for them and label the emails according to specific tasks and deadlines. This will help you keep track of your emails more quickly and effectively. The next step would be prioritizing and sort these emails that are in different folders. You can also set up these emails to directly go to that folder once it arrives. This will help keep your inbox clean and organize.

Sending Fewer Emails – The only way to receive fewer emails is to send fewer emails! You do not need to send the email to everyone who works with you, if you only want to answer from a specific person. If it is necessary you can “CC” the others and don’t need to put their email addresses to the “TO” section.

For more information about how to mange your emails effectively contact Windy City Strategies. 


Utilizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Draw More Potential Customers!

Many professionals are still not convinced of the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a large professional social network that provides a way to connect with your professionals and help you stay in touch with the millions of users using this platform.

LinkedIn is used to share your ideas, exchanging knowledge, and many opportunities that are offered. This could help you find groups of interest as well as finding a job in your field.

The first step to drawing people to your LinkedIn profile is by creating a powerful one. Start by adding your professional headline, this is the area right underneath your name, 120 characters that describe who you are and what you do. Many people have their “Title” at “Company” but this is a great area to add a tagline and a couple keywords.

The next step that people notice first is your picture, name and professional headline. Whether you are responding to a message or inviting someone to connect with you; you are using that information to invest the time to make it engaging.

Many people skip over the description field of their experience section, this is the place for you to talk about what you have experience in. You will have 1,000 characters in that area to talk about your keywords. As you describe what you do and what your company does, using these keywords they are going to naturally settle right in.

Now on to your background section of your profile, be sure to use most of 2,000 characters that are offered to you to expand on who you are and what you do. With the interest’s section that is found at the very bottom of the profile, right under additional information, is the only section on LinkedIn where you can put your keywords. Limited to 1,000 characters to add both personal interests as well as a list of keywords you use for SEO.

When using the right keywords in these sections, you have a better chance of your profile showing up when anyone does a search on them. LinkedIn is actually one of the networks that can drive more traffic than Google+ and Bing. You need to make sure that you, not your competition, are being found by your prospects.

For more information about how to utilize your LinkedIn profile contact, Windy City Strategies!


How To Avoid Duplicate Content

When creating your medical practice website you want to appeal to both search engine and then the human user itself. Which is one of the best ways to earn a high page-rank and up the traffic to your website.

When adding original content or removing duplicate content which is called a dupe, is a way to please both sides. With Google and Search Engine Optimization recommends is to provide engaging and quality information to provide to your website. They advise to also remove anything that is a duplicate.

A Dupe is content that is repeated across multiple pages on your site or on others. You talk about a certain topic on your site, and you then “borrow” information from someone else’s site and then add it to yours, Google will then say your site has a dupe. If Google finds a dupe on your site you will suffer and possibly be taken off the search engine.

For more information about how to avoid duplication content contact Windy City Strategies. 

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Targeting Demographics For Your Medical Marketing

Define Display Advertising? Display advertisements are banner ads that can appear throughout websites. When going to new sites or your favorite you see advertisements placed all over on the page. Which is called remarketing advertisements.

Here are a few target display ads for certain audiences:

Website Content: Say you’re reading an article about dental equipment. The advertising software will then place ads from websites to sell just dental equipment on that particular page.

Geographic Location:  You can put ads on a geographic location, that can target an area near your practice.

Gender: Data is taken upon the gender of the user and everything appeals more to males than to women. For example, if you go to a site that shows how to take apart an engine the ads on that site well be directed towards men.

Medical marketing and display advertisements once you combined them into one, you can set-up a target demographic. Doing this you will limit the ads that can be shown, and it’s important to make sure clicks don’t get wasted, (because you pay for every time that someone clicks on that link or page.)

For more information about how to target your medical marketing practice, contact Windy City Strategies. 


Medical Business Plan

A business plan is not a requirement, but it is a good time to have. With a medical business plan it focuses on setting the goals for a growing practice and sets goals. For a growing practice it consists of human resources, finances, physical location and information technology.

Step 1:

Review skills that your existing staff has and then evaluate their skills fall short of that your practice needs and then for future staffing needs. Add developing strategies to your existing plan and also hire new employees.

Step 2:

Figure out how much space your business is going to need. Based upon how many patients come into your office, you want to evaluate your office location and equipment. Look to see if your office is easy to get to and most convenient. Make sure you have the equipment that can meet patients needs.

Step 3:

Make a spreadsheet for your business financial needs. Entails on how much you intend on paying for your equipment for the business, and how you are paying for your staff, and for your business location. Determine how much money you are going to need for your maintenance and growth options for business, when it’s to time to expand.

Step 4:

Many businesses in today’s society’s use a electronic health records. Keeps things in a much organized matter and less of a hassle to recover paperwork if lost, and with newer technology now a day’s everything is on the computer. Make sure you have the best equipment to keep all patients files on a computer and have an online storage.

Plan to implement and upgrade information technology. According to Lucash, electronic health records are on the way to being a mandate, so medical businesses should start planning for this now. Plan the equipment you need or approach your hospital to see if you can partner with it to move your health records to an electronic format. If you have to invest in equipment or staff to implement this, include the cost in your finances. Lucash advises to specifically make a plan for electronic health records implementation, so it can be in place in the next one to three years.

For more information about how to make a medical business plan contact Winy City Strategies.