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The Importance Of Content Marketing And SEO

While everyone understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), it is often times misunderstood how quality content can help to boost your SEO. And with the constant evolution of SEO, it is even more difficult to understand how to optimize your content in today’s search.

The purpose of SEO has always been to serve users with the highest quality and most relevant content possible. As time has progressed, many sites began flooding the search results pages with low quality, but highly optimized content, which in turn, caused an issue for those of us trying to produce high quality content. In order to fix this issue, Google began implementing the Panda update, in which Google now implements algorithm refinements to surface higher quality content.

Not only is Google taking thing seriously when it comes to content and SEO, but Yahoo and Bing are also following in pursuit, providing more contextually relevant search results. For this reason, it is critical for websites to implement an effective content marketing plan.

Since Google’s Panda updates, it is difficult be ranked on the search engines, but without quality content, it would be impossible, thus increasing the importance of content marketing and SEO. You may now be asking…how can we ensure we are providing quality content and increasing our search engine capability?

A good content marketing plan will include strategies to both help improve your website, as well as promote it. With an SEO package from Windy City Strategies, you will gain relevant traffic to your website by the use of link building, blogging, social media sharing, and the production of more search engine friendly content on your website’s pages.

It is most definitely in your best interest to seek the help from a professional Internet marketing firm when it comes to optimizing your website’s content. Contact Windy City Strategies to see how we can customize a solution that meets your business’s needs.

By Stephanie Brown

Content Creation Slows as Social Media Rises

A fascinating study from Forrester Research has just come out to show that while worldwide adoption of social media is exponentially increasing, content creation itself has experienced no growth in the past year.

Now, this actually makes a whole lot of sense. It’s supply and demand. There is so much great content now readily available to the masses. Why make your own stuff, that’s probably worse, when you can spend all day finding and spreading really great stuff?

The numbers behind these stats? 33% of U.S. consumers watch user-generated video. But only 10% actually create original content themselves. That’s 1 producer for every 3 consumers. And maybe that’s enough. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day to watch cats fall off furniture on YouTube. Not enough time to film my own.